Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A note from Laura

Last November, Chase and I exhibited at the JBU Missions fair in Siloam Springs, AR for One by One. We were looking for people to get involved by leading a team, interning with us or joining us on staff. One evening, a girl we met in chapel invited us over to her apartment for dinner. Her roommate, Laura, joined us since she was graduating in December and wanted to spend a few months in a Spanish speaking country. Well, Laura ended up committing to interning with One by One for two months starting at the end of January. She recently wrote this article for the monthly One by One newsletter, and I wanted to share it with you all! It’s so exciting to see people learn about what God is doing in Nicaragua and then dive right in!

My name is Laura Hasenauer and I’m from Raleigh, NC. I graduated from John Brown University in December and was looking to do some travelling and ministry work for a couple of months after graduation. I found out about One by One when Chase and Julie visited my university last fall. I love kids (I majored in Early Childhood Education with a focus in teaching ESL), so I was really excited when I visited One by One’s website and saw what the ministry stands for! Restoring joy and hope in children and introducing them to Jesus is something of which  I want to be a part!
I came to Nicaragua in late January for a two-month internship with One by One. I’ve been helping with the kids’ programs and teaching English classes at the church. It’s been encouraging to see such excitement and hunger to learn from adults and kids in the English classes. The students often get to class before I do and are eager to get started! Although I’ve observed many things about the educational system in Nicaragua that I believe need to be improved, many people have maintained their passion for learning, which is awesome! Working with the kids’ programs has also been great. There’s something really cool about seeing kids singing songs about Jesus, laughing, and celebrating small victories, especially when it is evident that they suffer from malnourishment and difficult life circumstances. In Segundo Paso I helped a little boy learn to write his name for the first time, which was a joyful moment for both of us! The little moments like these have helped make my experience here great!
Through my time in Nicaragua so far, I have come to better understand and appreciate another culture- I love seeing that there are many different ways to do life. I have met many beautiful, generous, and loving people here in Nicaragua. There are so many people here who volunteer their time to help improve the lives of people in their own country.  It’s awesome!  It’s great to be a part of the global body of Christ and to serve with my brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.

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