Monday, April 29, 2013

transplant updates

Below are the updates posted during Julie's hospital stay via Twitter (@chasnook):

8:08 AM - 29 Apr 13:

Leaving for the hospital

8:54 AM - 29 Apr 13:

Amy is in surgery now

9:41 AM - 29 Apr 13:

Sitting in pre-op

11:31 AM - 29 Apr 13:

Amy is near the end of surgery and everything has gone well! Julie will start soon.

12:00 PM - 29 Apr 13:

They took Julie back to start surgery! Now we just have to wait.

12:56 PM - 29 Apr 13:

They gave us a status update a little bit ago to say that everything is going according to plan.

2:57 PM - 29 Apr 13:

Amy will leave the recovery room in about 15 minutes.

3:03 PM - 29 Apr 13:

Julie just got out of surgery! Don't know yet when they'll let me see her.

3:03 PM - 29 Apr 13:

PS they say surgery went great

5:44 PM - 29 Apr 13:

Julie's in her own hospital room now and is doing great (all things considered)!

7:32 PM - 29 Apr 13:

They'll be doing hourly blood tests to make sure all is as it should be. Her peak creatinine was 15.9. We'll see how it drops by tomorrow.

7:33 PM - 29 Apr 13:

Julie feels groggy and in a bit of pain but nothing out of the ordinary.

7:10 AM - 30 Apr 13:

Julie's creatinine is down to 4 (normal is 1), but her hemoglobin is down to 6.9 (normal is 10-13) so they'll give her 2 units of blood.

10:26 AM - 30 Apr 13:

All the doctors just came by and said things look great. They hope to send Julie home tomorrow. We'll see Amy a little later today.

11:37 AM - 30 Apr 13:

What a blood transfusion looks like:

8:20 AM - 1 May 13:

The doctors should come in within the hour and should let us know if we can go home today or not. Amy is great but will stay an extra day.

8:30 AM - 1 May 13:

Forgot to share this yesterday, but Julie is up and walking around. She even got to go visit Amy yesterday!

8:52 AM - 1 May 13:

It's confirmed: Julie goes home today late afternoon!

10:58 AM - 1 May 13:

Julie's creatinine is down to 1.4 (normal is 1)! First time it's below than 4 in almost 2.5 years! Doc says should be normal by Friday.

6:17 PM - 1 May 13:

Finally back home and settled

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