Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home away: the year in pictures

DSCN2479 (1)This past week we finally committed to a date to return to Nicaragua: October 14th! We bought one-way tickets, and now just have to figure out how best to prepare over the next 62 days.
Also noteworthy is the fact that today marks exactly one year of us being back in the States. On August 13th 2012, we arrived at DFW airport more than a little tired, more than a little sad, more than a little uncertain about our future, but also more than a little loved and welcomed by our family and friends. Thank you.
The following is a brief picture tour of the highlights and important events of the last 365 days to recap where we've been and how God has blessed us.
In going through all of our pictures, I realized that we don't tend to take pictures of ordinary things or of all the people who are important to us.
Also, we lost our camera two months ago, and I had to cut everything down to a "manageable" number (which is probably still too many) so the following will be a meager representation at best. I'm sorry if your picture didn't make it. 
↑ Reacquainting ourselves with American cuisine: the weird and the delicious (cider)
← Saw this classic icon days before he burned down. Fair food was consumed.


→ Went "camping" for the first time since marriage. S'mores were consumed. Then a storm came and chased us away.
visiting New York← Survived Hurricane Sandy in New York with family. Met our newest nephew Wyatt.
→ Exhibited at John Brown University's mission fair. Experienced fall colors for the first time since moving away.
DSCN2533↑ Mourned Wyatt's passing.
DSCN2608→ Celebrated Thanksgiving in Dallas with family.

nica in december

← Went to One by One's annual staff retreat. Reconnected with a bunch of our kids. They've grown. Chase also returned in February, March, and June.
Christmas with Freds
→ Christmastime celebrations in Norman with the Fredericks, our host family (in more than one way). Built a Duck Dynasty-themed gingerbread house.
Christmas Eve


← Christmas Eve traditions in Dallas including a new one: a white elephant gift party. The creepy clown painting wasn't even the worst.
Christmas Day

→ Christmas Day festivities: homemade cinnamon rolls, tickets to the Les Mis movie, and the Texas equivalent of a blizzard.

← Exhibiting at the Urbana missions conference in St Louis, MO.

visiting family
↑ Pictures of St Louis and visiting family in Illinois.
→ Multiple doctor visits gets your face on a Disney character. Also pictured is Dr. Williams: Julie's pre-transplant nephrologist and all-around awesome guy.
Dialysis: sterile, clumsy, uncomfortable.
kelly and julie
→ Workout buddies each preparing for their big day. On the left, Kelly days before meeting her kid. On the right, Julie days before meeting her kidney.
← Julie with Amy Whyatt, her kidney donor. Read about her here.
→ Chase's poorly-timed half-marathon the day before Julie's transplant.
↑ A couple hours before surgery.
post transplant
← Post transplant: taking new meds, finishing a puzzle, and surviving a tornado.
dscn3351 (2)
→ Ditching the dialysis equipment (or rather, returning it to the clinic). It was sunny that day.
↑ Our ticket to return home!

Bonus material: some of daily life:
We've traveled a lot this year, but we've spent nearly every night at the Fredericks' house, where we have been welcomed as family.


workspaceWe've continued working for One by One in the States by doing nearly everything online. Julie has arranged details for visiting teams, and Chase has been writing curriculum.


community group
Nearly every Thursday night, we've been apart of this community group, which has provided us with stability and regular encouragement.


random things
And here are some of the fun things we've done this year: riding a camel, learning to paint, surprising a friend in Colorado for his birthday, celebrating the Oscars on the red carpet (at a friend's house), and more!


If you've read this far, you win!


  1. I win! :) Thank you for sharing this year with us. I was sharing with a friend about you guys just the other day, how your hearts have always been to return to Nicaragua and how you have walked in faithful obedience to Him. You are such an encouragement to so many!

  2. Thanks, Erin! The same is true of you guys!

  3. All last week I was thinking, "Wow, I can't believe I was in Nica a YEAR ago." So much has happened since then — probably more true for you than for me! I enjoyed your recap, Chase. My prayers go with y'all as you prepare to return.

  4. Wow, I loved reading this post! It's been quite a year for you guys. We pray for overflowing fruit (not literally, like pineapples, but souls...you know...) for you as you return to Nicaragua. Though we didn't get to see you much, I can say with confidence it was a blessing to have you guys back in the States for a time.

  5. P.S. The caption for the picture of Kelly and Julie is hilarious.


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