Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Mornings

Well, we haven’t kept our promise (two blogs per month), but we are hoping that if we show you cute pictures of kids, you won’t be too mad at us.


We just thought we’d give you a picture (or a few) of what we do on Saturday mornings. To put it short, we have a lot of fun.


Sometimes, we hold kids upside down. (They like it, we promise!)


Sometimes we get to enjoy (or star in) puppet shows. Chase always love the opportunity to use one of his many voices in a silly drama that helps emphasize the lesson.


Sometimes we just sit and talk to the kids who don’t want to be in the center of all the action. A room full of rowdy kids is not everyone’s most comfortable environment.


Sometimes the gorilla comes. He wears the blue volunteer shirt so he doesn’t scare kids. We learned this the hard way.


Sometimes we just stop and thank God for the opportunity to work with such sweet and adorable kids (and even the kids who are less sweet and adorable!)


And this is maybe the only person left in the world who still dances to “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

So there you go. A quick glimpse at what we do every Saturday morning. Hope you enjoyed it! (And forgive us for neglecting our blog. Sometimes life just gets busy, ya know?)

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