Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lazy bloggers

We admit it. We’ve become lazy bloggers. At best, we blog once a month when in times past, we would blog four to five times a month. In our (lame) defense, we have been busy. This year, we’ve had about 10 short term teams (aka 90 hour work weeks), we’ve survived multiple earthquakes, we spent a month visiting friends in 4 different states, and we’ve hosted interns/house guests for about 2 months. But all of this is no excuse. Forgive us?

After our last team, we had some comp time, so we spent the week catching up some boring life things that need to be done but were neglected during the busy season. You know, things like paying the bills, fixingIMGP2727 the broken toilets, getting our brakes replaced, gluing things that broke when they fell onto our tile floors, etc. We even did some “fun” things like paint the kitchen and living room and try out some new flavors that we might add to the Russell Creamery (our small home-based ice cream business). Don’t you wish you lived in Nicaragua so you could be a taste tester for our Blackberry and Cookie Dough ice cream samples?

Now that we feel “caught up” on important life details, we are looking forward to getting back to a routine. Even though we said goodbye to summers and semesters long ago, it feels a bit like we are starting afresh this “fall”. Things that get pushed aside during team season (like exercise, eating healthy, friendships, doing dishes, cleaning out the cat litter box, cutting our fingernails, blogging etc.) can now become priorities again.

On top of that, I (Julie), have also been thinking about taking some online classes. Although I love to learn open culture classesand read, this desire can often get pushed aside by the ever present to do list. Something about taking an actual class seems like a good solution. My predicament is that I don’t want to spend money on such a class. Thus, www.openculture.com entered the picture. They have 1000 online classes on a wide variety of topics from top universities. I’m starting with “The Challenges of World Poverty” and a Spanish course and am looking forward to both.

I might even see if my husband will teach me one of his many talents this fall like playing the piano, the guitar, or making complicated excel spreadsheets (well, probably not that one).

Here’s to new seasons, fresh starts and routine!

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