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Welcome to the blog of Chase and Julie Russell!

Our life timeline: We started dating right after high school (2002), got married soon after graduating from the University of Oklahoma (2007), and moved to Nicaragua as missionaries not long afterwards (2009), working with an organization called One by One International. In January 2011, Julie was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure/disease (CKD) due to an autoimmune attack. After a year in the States (2013) and a successful live-donor kidney transplant, we returned to Nicaragua for two years. We returned to the States August 2015 to start a family. The story of how Julie received her new kidney can be found here. All updates on her kidney health can be found here. The larger story of our lives and what we learn and how we change is on every page of this blog.

The purpose of this blog is not only to express ourselves and share our life events with our friends, but also to give you a peek into what one missionary couple’s life can look like. We don’t hold ourselves as the standard for what ministry looks like, but we are an example of what it can look like. We try hard to be authentic and transparent in the things that we share to dispel any notions that missionaries are necessarily super-godly heroes.

Our job: One by One is an organization that works both in evangelization and in personal development. We have worked mostly in the child evangelism portion of the ministry and continue to do so, but in the last couple of years, Julie has taken on the responsibility of coordinating all of our visiting teams and interns; she helps them plan their stay here and helps be a guide while they are here. Chase has begun training Nicaraguans as leaders and providing resources for them to use in their respective churches.

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