Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome to our blog!

We have finally done it. It has been on the to do list since the beginning of the year and today is the day we can cross it off! For the the past several months, we have kept up with friends' blogs religiously (Abby, yours never need to update it!) and love hearing about our friends' lives in New York, Nicaragua, Colorado, Kansas, China, Texas, and of course, Oklahoma. But we realize this has been a one-sided blogging relationship and we would like to give you the opportunity to blog-stalk us as well! :) (Though Chase feels that we had to decide to move
someplace exotic to warrant a blog).

We currently have this blog named "the traveling russells" because that's what we do. We travel. Almost every weekend. And we are topping it off with a long term move to Nicaragua (the above mentioned "exotic place"). However, as soon as we think of a better name (suggestions anyone?), "the traveling russells" is history. You see, "the nicaragua russells" is already taken. We will no longer be "the norman russells". We could do "the youngest russell couple" but this might chafe "the eldest russell couple". Chase suggested "russells on rye" but as this made no sense whatsoever, it was quickly discarded. Thus, we are left with "the traveling russells," and since this is our temporary name, we will provide you with some of the many pictures of our travels.

This is the some of the Russell girls in Central Park

This is my brother and us in Juneau, Alaska

This is at Barry and Tess's apartment in New York City

This was a snowy day in December with JBU friends in Denver

Caving in Nicaragua with David and Kristina (our future flatmates!)

Partying with the Wilson Cottage girls after Anne got hitched in Salt Lake City


  1. woohoo! I love it! You guys will be great bloggers I can tell :) Love you and love your blog!!!

  2. So glad to see you guys in the blogging world! I will follow it religiously!

  3. Norman is not exotic?!?!? What about the semi-stagnant drainage ditch...I mean, Duck Pond? Then there's Lloyd Noble, the stadium, and Sam's Club...all the height of exoticity! About the blog name, how about "Formerly normally Normanly; now Nicaraguan" (I didn't think so, either)...or "Transplanted Texans" (probably not, but the alliteration is better).

  4. i dont care what you call it esp b/c there is not even a picture of me .... what is that about!!!!!

    j/k how about " the awesome russells "

  5. ummmm, the awesome russells??? we're awesome too, what does she mean by that??? :)
    i do love the blog!!


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