Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's my birthday!

Today is June 9th. Today I am 25. 25 years is one quarter of a century. One quarter of a century is very old. Let's not think about that anymore.

Instead, I will tell you about my day. Chase and I got up at 5ish this morning (ok, maybe I laid in bed til 5:30 and when Chase tried (for the second time) to get me up, I told him getting to lay in bed longer was my birthday treat!) and we went to IHOP for breakfast. It was fun and delicious - a great way to start the day. Afterwards, we made a visit to the Starbucks where Craig and Denny "treated" us to some free birthday drinks! Thanks guys! This ended our early morning birthday fun and we both headed off to work.

For lunch, I went to Which Wich (a great sandwich place on campus corner) with my friend Anna Miller, who, if you don't know her, is just wonderful! She made me homemade strawberry jam! In addition, she gave me a homemade card, which is funny, but I didn't realize how funny until I got back to work. Even though it's my birthday today and the card is from Anna, she must have gotten confused because she put her own name on the envelope of the card! You're funny Anna and I love you! Let's get Starbucks together sometime soon...I got this giftcard for 2 drinks for my birthday...

Back to work after lunch, and the day seemed to go by relatively quickly, which was nice! After work, I got to go the gym, which was desperately needed after IHOP and Which Wich. I was entertained on the treadmill by the shows "The Little Couple" and "What Not to Wear" on TLC. Man, TLC is great. In addition, I received my Real Simple magazine today, which is the absolute best magazine in the world, I'm convinced.

As if I needed any more calories, we had Whitney, Kelly, and Candice over for Cheese and Chocolate fondue. My amazing husband made it for us (Wayne, you abandoned Chase to hang out with only girls!) Whit made these Rosemary Sweet Potatoes to dip in the cheese fondue and they were excellent! Dinner was incredible. The whole day was incredible. Other delightful treats included Pink Truck, laughter, and fun presents from fun people. Birthdays are so great.

How can you go wrong with the best husband in the world, delicious food, great friends, TLC, Real Simple, the treadmill, and Starbucks. All in all a great day!

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