Saturday, August 6, 2011

9 months later…

At my last doctor’s appointment, I was FINALLY given permission to go back to the kids service, so after about 9 months of missing these sweet faces, I was more than ready to see them all again! Most people get one little baby at the end of their 9 month wait…I got about 200 kids! Unfortunately, I had to wear a mask.

IMG_8309When I was explaining to Cisney (above) why I was wearing the mask, it went something like this.

Me: Well, you have an immune system that protects your body from infection, right?

Cisney: No (shaking head)

Me: Okay, that wasn’t supposed to be a question. You DO have an immune system that protects you…

Cisney: No (continues to shake head)

Me: Hmmm… (this plan isn’t working)…I can get sick really easily.

Chase re-introduced me on stage since I haven’t been to Niños de Vida in so long. He explained the whole lack-of-immune-system thing, but most kids still assumed I was sick and wearing the mask so I wouldn’t get them sick. Oh well.

IMG_8293Lindley was kind of attached to my hip the whole time and I loved it. We took lots of pictures, and I fell in love with the one above of her with her brother, Ronnie. Arlen showed off baby Sidney’s new “trick”, which I thought was hilarious. Arlen picked up Sidney’s shoe, pretending to smell it, and Sidney waved her hand in front of her nose, as if to say “that stinks”.  Pretty smart for a 15 month old!

IMG_8304Almost all of the kids I know really well came this week and I can’t tell you how great it was to see them all again. They were all excited to see me, and Chase was excited to not be asked the question “how is Julie?” a zillion times for the first time in nine months! It’s crazy how much the services have changed since last December – Chase has done an incredible job continuing to improve them. He taught the lesson again today, which he is doing on a more regular basis, and it’s safe to say that his Spanish skills have far surpassed mine!

Anyway, it was great to be back. I missed those kids quite a bit, but forgot how exhausting it is. Looking forward to next week, which is our last week before we come to the States for 3 weeks!

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  1. That picture of Lindley and Ronnie is probably one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen!!! Great shot! I'm so glad you got to go back to the service!


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