Monday, October 10, 2011

Kids’ Ministry Conference

Since we moved to Nicaragua to work with One by One, Chase and I have been wanting to go to a conference to learn more about how to do kid’s ministry well. After 2 years, we finally got the opportunity this past weekend. kidminWe arrived in Chicago on Thursday and have been attending “Kidmin 2011” from Friday through today (Monday). We went to the general sessions each morning and evening, and during the day we were able to choose from several different workshops. Every class we attended was extremely helpful and relevant to ministry in Nicaragua. We learned about how to develop kids as leaders, how to teach all types of learners and involve kids in a more active learning process, and about the spiritual formation of children. We also met some really amazing people that we plan to keep in touch with to bounce ideas off of in the future.

The weather here has been amazing! We’ve been able to take a few walks around town, and it’s so fun to be here when the leaves are changing colors and falling. We’ve also been able to enjoy some delicious deep dish Chicago pizza. Another bonus is that I have family here in Chicago. Today we were able to have lunch with my cousin and dinner with my aunt and a couple more cousins. We head back to Nicaragua tomorrow, and are looking forward to implementing the things we’ve learned here into the Niños de Vida program.

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