Saturday, March 10, 2012

Niños de Vida

We just wanted to share some recent pictures from our kids services with you. Enjoy! DSCN0195Playing a game where one kid licks a marshmallow and sticks it on another kids face. The one with the most marshmallows still sticking after 30 seconds wins.

DSCN0200Some sweet girls who attend our services each week

DSCN0265Dan playing one of the characters from our new “seafarers” theme

DSCN0269Yeril, Katie’s husband, playing the “islander” character

DSCN0424Brenda and Alan, 2 of our youth kids that we are training to run slides

DSCN0364Ileana at the “Back to School” youth service

DSCN0373Alba and her boyfriend Angel at the “Back to School” youth service; Alba is our newest co-worker, helping Jeremy part-time with the Leaders services on Tuesday nights.

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