Monday, October 22, 2012

The Waiting Game

It’s been two months since we left Nicaragua. It seems like forever ago. Despite the fact that we miss our home, our friends, our ministry, our life in Nicaragua, God has blessed us abundantly since we’ve been back in the States. We have had so many opportunities to be involved in things we are passionate about here, and even though the reason we are here is not a fun one, we are thankful that this is where God has us. We have been getting involved with CollegeLife at Wildwood Community Church and are excited about the potential for relationships and ministry there. Wildwood is also beginning a new campaign called “Ready for Take Off” where they are leading the congregation to be more involved in partnering with other ministries, both locally and internationally, through prayer, giving, and serving. We love getting to be here to represent Nicaragua for the launch of this exciting challenge. We have also spent a lot of time preparing for Urbana12 and the JBU missions conference and are thankful for the resources available here to do this that we wouldn’t have had in Nica. 

While we’ve been busy with all of these things, we have also been playing the medical waiting game. It’s been 6 weeks since we had our first large group orientation meeting at the transplant hospital. There are several reasons things aren’t moving quickly, but the main one is communication between our insurance and the hospital. Our insurance is different than most and somewhat complicated to work with, so even though they sent me a letter saying they will pay for the transplant, they are working on figuring out the details with the financial coordinator at the hospital. Until they do, we just wait. So even though I’d love to have a positive answer for everyone who asks me how the process is going, unfortunately, there’s really not much to say.

That being said, I still have monthly appointments with my nephrologist here in Norman. I had lab work done last week and will have an appointment this coming Wednesday, and I am really hoping that I don’t here the words “It’s time to start dialysis.” So if you think of me between now and then, I would really appreciate prayer for good bloodwork and no dialysis! Regardless of the outcome though, I know that God is with me, that He is good and that He will guide me through whatever path He has for me.


  1. Hey Julie! Was such a blessing to work with you & Chase when the City Church team came this summer. Heading to Guatemala in 2 weeks but can't wait to get back to Nicaragua. Asking Daddy to do the miraculous for you!


  2. Praying for good bloodwork this week. Miss you my friend!


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