Friday, January 18, 2013

Kidney Transplant Update


It’s been a discouraging week. After a month without lab work and doctors appointments (due to the holiday season), I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Unfortunately, though I still feel really great most of the time, my kidneys are on the decline. My creatinine went from 7.8 to 8.9. Eek! My doctor said that I should definitely be feeling more symptoms than I do, so I am definitely praising God for how He is sustaining my energy and stamina. However, it’s almost certain that I won’t make it to the transplant without doing dialysis. Next week, I have an appointment with the surgeon who will put in the PD dialysis catheter when it comes time. I need to do weekly lab work and biweekly appointments with my doctor from here on out. So each week, we’ll ask the question again “Is it time yet?”

Later in the week, I called the hospital and found out that they have hit a snag with insurance qualifications and payment. They tell me not to worry, that they think they’ve found a way to make it work. I have been hoping for a surgery date in February, but they say the surgery rooms are booked through mid-March. I ask about donors, and so far they don’t have anyone’s paperwork, so they can’t begin the testing process anyway.

So yes – discouraging. I keep telling myself that God is still God. He is in control and not surprised by any of these “setbacks”. He is faithful and good and has not forgotten about me. He has given me friends and family to share this burden with me – more than that, He wants to carry this burden Himself. I am not called to worry, but to trust. He is faithful.

ornamentA Christmas ornament (shaped like a kidney) from Chase

As we wait and trust, we would appreciate prayer! Pray that my creatinine would go back down and that God would sustain my kidney function until the transplant. Pray that a donor would come forward and would be a great match for me. Pray that we could get a surgery date scheduled in March! Pray for God to give us patience and that as we wait, He would draw us near to Him. Pray that I wouldn’t have to do dialysis (and that even if I do, I would continue to trust in God’s sovereignty and faithfulness!) Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!

If you or anyone you know (with O+ or O- blood) might be interested in donating a kidney, you can call Susan Young, the Living Donor Coordinator at Integris Baptist Hospital for more info. Her number is 405-949-3816.


  1. Sweet Julie, we are definitely praying! I unfortunately am not the right blood type. But Mike is working on getting tested; I will push him to do that faster. God is faithful; please let us know how else we can help you guys!

  2. I just start working for Penn Medicine. They have great resources at the Penn transplant institute for all types of organs including Kidney Transplant . They also have a living kidney donor program you should look into. Always keep faith and good luck with everything.


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