Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It’s done. And just beginning.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks! My creatinine was 9.6 a week ago, and I had lab work again today but don’t know the results yet. Since it became clear a few weeks  ago that the only realistic way to move forward with the transplant and have it paid for was to start dialysis (so that I would have Medicare), we were trying to figure out the perfect timing to have surgery to put in the PD (peritoneal dialysis) catheter. At that point, I was told there were no potential donors for them to start testing. So we wanted to wait to put in the catheter until they were at a point where they could start testing a donor. Less time on dialysis = better. Well, I called again on Friday (4 days ago) and was told that they had 8 packets turned in and that they thought they had some great candidates. Praise God for providing in such a huge way! (And thank you to everyone who found out your blood type or turned in a packet to be a donor!)

Since they were ready to start testing soon, it seemed it was time to put in the dialysis port. I called Friday but the lady who schedules surgery was gone and I was told to expect a call on Monday. Sunday after church (in Norman), Chase and I drove to Dallas to visit my dad in the hospital and see my mom and brothers for a delayed Christmas. Monday, I dropped Chase off at DFW airport because he is headed to Nicaragua for the week to work with One by One. He has several meetings lined up and plans to help set up and decorate for the new kids curriculum we are using this year. They finished their sailing curriculum last year and are now going with a science theme. Chase has been working really hard to design and write this new curriculum and he is really excited to go down and help them get started. So anyway, I dropped him off and started driving back to Norman. At about 5:30, I got a call back from the schedule lady, and I asked her if she had any availability for Tuesday (the next day) or Wednesday since that is when Amy Frederick (our home host) was able to take me. Lucky for me (note the sarcasm), they had a 7am appointment with a 5am check-in available for the very next morning. Twelve hours is just not enough time to mentally prep for surgery!! So naturally, I said yes. (Again, the sarcasm).

So I slept for 4 or so hours last night and headed to the hospital for the procedure. Sweet Amy woke up early, drove me, sat with me, waited for me, was referred to as my mom by the nurse, was disappointed to be old enough to be my mom, drove me home while I got sick in the seat next to her, and got me ice water and popsicles once I stopped getting sick. (All this after driving halfway to Dallas yesterday to bring Chase his passport which he had forgotten in Norman). Amy certainly deserves some chocolate or a million dollars or a bunch of hugs or something. :)

So here I am with a tube coming out of my stomach and a big cut through my belly button. I thought about showing you a picture, but will save you the (fascinating) eyesore. (Also, I didn’t want to embarrass my husband since he’s out of the country and all.) I am on pain meds, so I am not in a lot of pain…more of a strong and constant discomfort. But I have to admit that I am pretty disappointed. For two years, I’ve known that dialysis was a possibility. For two years, I have prayed countless times that I wouldn’t ever have to do dialysis (and asked all of you to pray for that as well). And to be honest, for two years I thought I would make it to the transplant bypassing the need for dialysis. Yep, pretty disappointed to say the least. What God has for me is not what I had hoped for myself, but in my head I know that He is still good, His plans are better, and I can continue to hope in Him. I think my heart will get there eventually too.

In two weeks, I’ll start a week-long training process where I’ll learn how to do the dialysis at home while I sleep. (Don’t worry – Chase and I already asked and it’s not possible to roll over and have the tube come undone and cause a big belly-fluid-mess on the Frederick’s carpet.) Right now, we are hoping for an early April transplant date, so hopefully I will only be on dialysis for somewhere between 6 weeks and 2 months. During that time I would appreciate prayer for the donor testing, prayer against an infection from the catheter, prayer for patience as Chase and I learn how to do PD at home, and prayer for an early April surgery date! Thank you for praying for us – we constantly see and feel the Lord’s blessing through you all!

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  1. God is and will continue to provide everything he has promised to you according to His promises. He loves you and will faithfully deliver you, just you wait and see. Your life testimony is such an encouragement to me. Your strength is in the Lord. I am praying for patience, peace and rest, dear sister in Christ.
    Amy Whyatt


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