Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goodbye Civic (#2)!

Getting in for the last time!

Yesterday we sold our car. She was a beauty. A 2003 Honda Civic. We bought her 2 years ago after her predecessor, the 1993 Honda Civic conked out. Both Civics provided 2 quite different experiences for us. The first had many problems, among which were the constant overheating (especially at extremely inconvenient times, such as when we were trying to get Eric to Arkansas so he could propose to Nicole, or when we, along with Eric and Nicole, were trying to make it to Bethany and Paul's wedding in Kansas...), and also the occasional shut-off-in-the-middle-of-the-intersection stunt she liked to pull. Each of these times resulted in me, a sobbing mess, calling Chase, stuck at work in Shawnee or OKC, who would call an old roommate to come help, and once a policeman even rescued me by pushing me down the street with his car into the Hardee's parking lot. Her end came the day of the epic ice storm of 2007 in Norman, when I called the repairman we had her towed to after she started producing an extremely loud metal-on-metal knocking sound, and he quickly (and rudely) told me "Your engine's trash." To this blunt remark, I replied with a final bout of sobbing for my rebellious but much loved first little car. The repairman broke in between gasps to ask if I could have my husband call him later. He clearly lacked social and communication skills.

The 2003 Civic treated us much better than her older sister. We decided to play it safe and we bought her in January of 2008 from the Honda dealership. For two years, I lived in bliss trusting that this new beauty would take me all the way through each stoplight and I could ride in her for more than 30 minutes before having to blast the heater in an attempt to cool off the little engine that couldn't. I think that I felt thankful almost every day of that 2 years for how well she did her job of getting me from one place to the next. And I'm sure that Chase occasionally was appreciative for the lack of sobbing phone calls he received once we got her. Anyway, we sold her to the Frederick's and we know that she is in good hands. We will miss her greatly, as we missed her sister (both were loved equally, though they were different) though Amy promised we could come back and visit her if we want to.

Well, Nicaragua, that was our last big thing to do. She's sold. We'll see you "for good" in about a week!

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