Monday, September 20, 2010

it’s raining again

I sit here and listen to the rain. Pouring. And the thunder. Shouting. But I remember to be thankful. Even though I know the rain brings with it a few (frustrating) power outs and some additional mold later on.

We were talking with some friends the other day, and somehow the conversation turned towards winter. And how great it is to sit by a fire on a snowy day, drinking hot chocolate with peppermint, and enjoying the company of warm friendships, possibly even playing a game of  cards.
We reminisced. But our friend spoke about how he enjoys the rainy Nicaraguan days here in the same way as we enjoyed the cold, snowy days in Texas (yes, Texas). The rain brings a wonderful, refreshing breeze through the house, and reminds one to be thankful for a home that protects and keeps dry. Rain gives one permission to drink hot tea or hot chocolate and makes one want to lounge and get enveloped in a great story.

So Nicaraguan downpours, I am choosing to think that you are not so bad after all. But you will always only be second to a cozy, wintery December day in Texas.

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