Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Luggageless but home!

Well, we arrived last night in Managua about 8:30 safe and sound. However, none of our 4 pieces of luggage made it with us! Our layover in Miami was only about 40 minutes and although we were only a gate away from our next flight, it wasn't enough time to transfer our luggage. We did, however, make it with the extremely large bag of crayons the Wildwood kids collected for us to give to Nica kids (much to the amusement of the security guy who searched our carryon!) So while we cannot hang our curtains, or put away our clothes, or brush our teeth, we can color pictures to our hearts content! We hope to receive our luggage around 6:00 tonight, but until then Kristina and Beckett will have to put up with our terrible breath!


  1. Haha! Julie, I think you must ever be the optimist. :) I already miss you!

    Oh, the sinking feeling of realizing your luggage *isn't* coming. That happened to my group in Guatemala City. We waited in the airport for half a day, and there were people laughing at us because there was nowhere to sit and we--5 baffled Americans--sat on the floor.

    Please tell Chase I have been singing "Let the Lord of Chaos enter in!" Grr!

  2. You should just do what David does...and use someone else's toothbrush!


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