Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To sum it all up…

We are back home in Nicaragua after our quick trip to the States. The week was filled with moments of uncontrollable laughter, refreshing times of welcome rest, and best of all, wonderful conversations. The kind of conversations that go deep to the heart of the issue, ones that challenge and encourage and inspire, and also ones that don’t just include “catching up”, but rather the deepening of friendship. We are blessed to have friends and family to share this life with despite the miles between us. This trip to the States was our favorite so far, and we are grateful that God answered our prayers - for all the details to fall into place and for my health, energy and strength despite the change of pace.

I’m not gonna lie, though. I cheated on my low-sodium diet with Chick-fil-A. To my credit (?), it wasn’t a last second lack of self-control, but a pre-decided and anxiously awaited for (and quite delicious!) nuggets and fries. And let’s be honest, I wasn’t AS careful about sodium as I am here at home…all week long. As a result, my ankles (and tops of my feet, weirdly enough) have expanded and my blood pressure has been a bit high. SO, I am trying to rest up, drink water, and avoid salt before I go to the doctor on Thursday. I kind of have that guilty feeling like I haven’t been studying all semester long and now I’m cramming for my upcoming test. Except for instead of late nights and stressing out, I have to slow down and rest well. Definitely prefer the resting over the stressing!

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time! Let's catch up! Maybe tomorrow night before I leave for spring break?? Love ya!


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