Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kids…hilarious, aren’t they?

I’ve always found them to be so. And this morning, I thought I’d share with you a few of the reasons why:

IMG_7646This is a postcard I wrote to my grandmother from camp one summer. I looked up the dates for when postcards were accompanied by 19 cent stamps, and deductive reasoning tells me I authored this little guy sometime between 1991 and 1995. I was between the ages of 7 and 11.

IMG_7647My Aunt recently found this gem in my grandmother’s things and mailed it to me. After I laughed for about 10 minutes about what a downer this must have been to receive (sorry Grandma!), I then wondered what in the world had happened back in the early 90s at Camp Bette Perot. At this point, all I remember is riding horses and discovering that M&Ms and Skittles mixed together has the most delightful flavor (though Chase would disagree, to be sure).  The mystery remains…

IMG_7648Next, we have a very generous offer from a potential future donor to our ministry. Shortly after we moved to Nicaragua, the Woodcreek AWANA kids sent us a bundle of letters to encourage us and let us know they are praying for us and our ministry in Nicaragua. I can’t help but wonder what this sweet little girl has planned for the other $400…

IMG_7650And finally, we have a note Chase received from a little boy in the Woodcreek AWANA program. I love how he translated his name to “Pedro” for us.

IMG_7649Sorry Pedro, we disobeyed your instructions and opened the card anyway. AND you guessed right! Chase does like pizza better than tacos – thank you for pre-filling in the checkbox for him.

IMG_7651This is the back of the envelope/card (creatively, it was all just one sheet of paper!) Peter (I mean, Pedro), we should all get together and share a delicious pepperoni pizza…that is, once I’m allowed to eat cheese again!


  1. Ooh my goodness, this post just made my day.

    "Dear Grandma,

    I hate this camp..."

  2. So funny. I'm laughing so hard! Being a teacher, I listen to kids a lot, and they do say the funniest things. For instance, when there was red crayon all over one of the chairs, I inquired as to its origin and received this explanation, "Mrs. Kenworthy, I may or may not have sat on a crayon and smashed it into my chair."


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