Monday, February 7, 2011

Chili cook-off

Russell Brothers Take Chili Cup

chili cup     In an unexpected turn of events, Chase and David Russell—brothers and neighbors in Managua, Nicaragua—combined efforts and “good ol’ Texas know-how” to win the annual Superbowl Chili Cook-Off hosted by International Christian Fellowship on Sunday.

     Two factors are worthy of comment in this outcome: 1) the cook-off of 2010 was shrouded in controversy as a late (and therefore “fresher”) entry took 1st place, pushing the Russells’ chili to 2nd, and 2) Chase had originally described their 2011 entry as “forgettable” and both brothers had feared it would not be a “contest winner.” This came on the tail of much debate between the two regarding matters such as whether or not to include beans, how much chili powder to add, whether or not the beef used was too tough, the advisability of including sausage, how many onions to add and at what point in the cooking process, as well as other things.

     Despite their anxiety however, the Russells appeared to be their only critics, as a blind-taste assessment by unbiased judges won them the trophy, an armload of candy, and a year’s worth of glory.

     “The Russells’ chili was the best thing that ever happened to me,” someone probably said if they were being honest. “My life will never be the same.” Other naysayers said the contest was “rigged” since David had been the one to make the brothersannouncements at church regarding the cook-off in the weeks preceding the event and had dared congregants from the West Coast of the States to make a “good”chili.

     David could not be reached for comment as he was probably busy at the time this article was written. He still lives in Managua with his wife and two children.

Left: Chase and David Russell celebrating with the Chili Cup shortly after divvying up their prize candy.


idea to write blog in the style of a news article stolen from Whitney Russell, family journalist


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