Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 7 at home

It’s late and I’m tired, but I wanted to update you on some highlights and ask you to pray for my tests and doctors appointments tomorrow.

So, with no further adieu: the highlights of the day.

- I slept really well last night – for almost 8 hours! The insomnia thing is kind of doing an every other night pattern, so I hope I can break it and sleep well tonight.

- Though gardettos are nowhere to be found in Nicaragua, I did get to skype in to the staff meeting, and I loved it. I may be abnormal, but I love meetings. And it was fun to feel like a part of the staff again for the first time since December 14th when we left for the States! I miss our team there, and I miss the ministry. It was fun to plan for the coming year, and I’m excited to see what the Lord will do through  One by One, Camino de Vida, and The Refuge Project!

- My mom left this morning, so today was my first day on my own. I made my own lunch, filled my own water bottles, and did all the things my mom has been doing (well, I didn’t clean anything) to take care of me while she was here. And it turned out okay!

- I went walking with Kristina tonight. She is still recovering from the C-section so we both could only walk for about 10 minutes, but you have to start somewhere, right? With my new need to stay out of the sun, I think the time we went (7PM) will be perfect to start gaining some endurance back. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow we will go for 15!

- I also got to skype with some close friends, which is always wonderful. I love skype! If you don’t have it, you should definitely get it.

So that was my day in a nutshell. As for prayer requests?

- I am taking the blood tests at 6:30 in the am and then going back for my appointment at 4:30 in the pm. I’m hoping for good news – good levels of phosphorus, sodium, calcium, etc. And also for my creatinine count to have gone down. It has been going up slowly the past couple of tests, and I’d really just prefer to reverse the process and get back on the track we started on!

- Will you also pray for our communication? Normally, I understand his Spanish fairly well, but I talked to him on the phone once this week and discovered later that I had completely misunderstood everything he said. (I thought that Dicegsa was the name of a drug I could take if I couldn’t find the CellCept, so I sent Chase looking around for the “drug” Dicegsa – turns out it was the distributor that might have the CellCept! Oops.) Phone Spanish is always more difficult, it seems.

Until tomorrow then, friends. Adios!

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