Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 8 at home

Well, good news! My creatinine count dropped from 5.7 to 4.5! (I’m glad I’m not still waiting for that 3, though – I would be on day 20 in the hospital!) The doctor was happy with my progress, even though I am technically still in renal failure. There are a couple things I’m disappointed about. One is salt. When I left the hospital, he said low salt. Last week, he said I could add salt back in. This week? NO salt. I have to admit I’m grieving the loss, especially after a week with a little more flavor in my life. This means no cheese. But he thinks the salt could be inviting the wretched cankles, so alas, I will submit, and attempt to cut out all sodium.

Also, I have developed this small red spot on my leg that he fears could be the start of shingles. There’s only one for now, but if I get more, I’m supposed to call him immediately. Hope it turns out to be nothing!

My heart rate has been consistently fast, so he took me off one of the blood pressure medications altogether – now I’m down to 2. One less pill per day is fine with me.

Though he still does not want me to go back to work, he said I can go out occasionally if I am in well-ventilated places and there aren’t a ton of people there.

Oh, Dr. Aragón did manage to call my nose ugly at some point during the appointment, not to be mean - just an observation, of course (and not totally out of context either). And who can blame him? It kind of looks the same as before I had surgery on it a year and a half ago. (To read about that, go here, here and here).

I go back next Wednesday, but this time to Dr. Granera, the nephrologist. This week? More waiting. More tests. More praying for those kidneys.


  1. Why does your nose look like before surgery? Does lupus affect the bones in your nose, too? Praise God for lower levels. He is answering our prayers. Sorry 'bout the salt, but one less pill is something...I love you! Love to Chaser and all of the rest of the Russells.

  2. No, I think it just settled back down to the same shape as before. In general, I can breathe a little better than before (which was the reason for the surgery in the first place), but he said he was going to add some structure back in as well. He did, and for awhile it looked different, but now it's back to the same as before. :(


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