Saturday, May 14, 2011


I haven’t given a health update recently, but since I frequently get asked the question “how are you feeling” in person, some of you may be wondering the same from back in the States. You are probably one of two types of people. The first is the type that wants to hear a simple “good” or “not so great” and not much more than that. The second is the type that wants to hear all the medical details and ramblings of my mind. If you are the first type, the answer for now is “good”. If you are the second type, read on…

Most days I feel great, and I haven’t had any major issues since leaving the hospital the second time. I’m still trying to figure out my spastic blood pressure, which seems to enjoy the depths and heights of blood pressure potential. I have had my appetite back and am really enjoying that. Who knew – life is not nearly as fun without the enjoyment of food. (My mother-in-law aided in this arena by making a variety of amazing dishes while she was here!) My only other medical issue at the moment is anemia, which is really not that big of a deal – it just makes me a little more tired than normal. So I am back to taking shots, which my sweet friend Jessie (who was a nurse in the States before moving to Nicaragua to become a missionary) so kindly administers to me. I can’t find the courage to give myself a shot, and apparently Chase can’t either, so we are both thankful for Jessie! I have blood tests and a doctor’s appointment again in 2 weeks (this will be my longest stretch – 3 weeks total – of not having to go to the hospital since January!) Last time I thought I would have a 2 month break between appointments, but ended up in the hospital the next week, so I’m hoping for a successful (healthy) time away this time!

In other news, it has been quite warm in Nicaragua. Frequently throughout the day I will feel something on my arm or leg and swat at it, thinking it is a tiny ant (they are everywhere here!) or a hair (which I am now starting to lose due to the steroids). But nope, it is usually just a drop of sweat. It gets up to about 97 degrees upstairs in the middle of the day and “cools down” to about 88 degrees in our bedroom at night (with about 60% humidity). It has rained the last couple of days, so I think rainy season has officially started. We have all been waiting and praying for rain for about a month now, since it usually cools it down a little bit, so we are thankful for this fresh change.

And the best news recently is that we are finally starting to get reimbursed from our insurance (which is not technically insurance, but rather a missionary sharing program), which is wonderful because our emergency fund (thanks for the great advice Dave Ramsey!) had been feeling a little malnourished. Also, I have officially translated every medical receipt from Spanish to English (over 60 so far) and turned them all into the non-insurance company. That was a long, tedious task that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to cross off the to-do list, but I’m so thankful to have it done. Finally. Well, until I get more tests, prescriptions, and have more doctors appointments again in a few weeks. Until then, though, I am going to revel in my accomplishment and maybe eat a piece of chocolate (or two).


  1. Julie, I'm glad you posted. I meant to tell you this morning that I truly appreciate your blog postings. You do glorify our God and encourage me with your faith. Wonderful to see you this morning!

  2. Thank you Marilyn! It was wonderful to see you as well!


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