Friday, April 22, 2011

the road begins again

I’ve been out of the hospital (the second visit) for two weeks now. Since I was not there for as long as the first time nor was I as sick as the first time, I bounced back much quicker than before. Nonetheless, I have still been tired and weak, but gaining new strength each day.

I finished 3 different antibiotics at home, and the infections seem to be gone for the time being. I am, however, anemic again, which causes me to be more tired than normal. Also, my blood pressure has been on the  fritz—high then low seemingly without reason. But besides these two things, I have been feeling well and am thankful to be past the worst of hospital stay #2 and all that was associated with it (but thinking about the ice bath still makes me shiver!). I am currently not taking CellCept, my immunosuppressant to treat Lupus, since it is what allowed the infections to take over in the first place. However, there aren’t really any other good options, as far as Lupus medications go, for me to take, so the plan is for me to go back on CellCept in about a week. And then we just hope (and pray!) that the bone marrow/white blood cell/infection issue does not take place again!

Currently, Chase’s parents are in town and all the Nicaragua Russells have been enjoying their company. Certainly Beckett and Hatley have loved having Granddad and Lolli here, and we have all been benefitting greatly from Orell’s cooking! We went to the beach on Tuesday, but mostly have just been relaxing, playing games, and eating delicious food! Since it is Semana Santa (Holy Week), we all have off work, and the break has definitely been a welcome one.

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