Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Found it!


Almost 4 years ago, Chase gave me something that I have treasured every day since. It is the most expensive thing he ever bought me and the thing that he had to work the hardest for to buy. I have worn it everyday of our marriage (I don’t even take it off in the shower), and I love to watch it sparkle in a room full of bright lights. In case you didn’t figure it out, I’m referring to my wedding ring (and engagement ring, as they are soldered together).

When I was in the hospital, I had super swollen fingers, so we decided to take the ring off and Chase took it home for safe keeping. A few weeks after I got out of the hospital the first time, I asked for it back, and Chase had to confess that he had lost it. Although I was really sad, I could tell he felt absolutely terrible, so I just forgave him. And I prayed that somehow, someway my ring would turn up. His theory was that Paul’s (who lets us use his washer & dryer) washer ate it. After taking it apart a few weeks later, however, no ring was to be found. Sad, sad day.


Until today!!! Our good friends from Dallas, Sami and Jon Lilley, have been here the past 10 days, and this morning Kristina, Beckett, and I waved goodbye as Paul drove them to the airport. About to turn around and go inside, I noticed the car stopped and Sami jumped out of the car and ran over with my rings in her hand! I’m not even sure if she said anything but I screamed something like “Shut up! You did not just find those!” Apparently it was under the back seat floor mats of the car. I’m elated and so grateful to have my rings back on…it feels fresh and new all over again (and just in time for our 4 year anniversary in 2 days). And now my rings are just another reminder to me of how my God hears and answers my prayers.

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