Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in the hospital

Well, if you haven’t heard yet, I am back in the hospital, although this time Lord willing, it shouldn’t be for as long. Chase sent an e-mail out to everyone on our newsletter list with a few more details and if you didn’t receive that or would like to, let us know.

Otherwise, I just wanted to give you a brief update of the last couple days here. I checked my temperature right before coming to the hospital and it was at 104. Yikes. We check in around 9PM Wednesday night and at about 2 that morning I was woken up to a torture session  ice-water-bath-in-bed. Chase had done that the night before for my 105 fever, but since there was husband sweetness involved, he did things like put on soft music, NOT turn the AC on max, and NOT break open half-tied ice water-balloon gloves in my armpit (Although my whole body and bed was soaking wet at that point anyways, so I guess it didn’t really matter). My thoughts during this process varied between “I’m gonna die, this is worst thing ever, I’m pretty sure they are freezing me to my death” and “This too shall pass.” And it did. The passing, not the death.

By yesterday afternoon, the fever which I’d had for a week and a half, going on two weeks, was finally gone. And it has stayed gone, praise the Lord! Today I felt quite refreshed in that sense. The other big thing is my white blood cell count (should be 5,000-10,000); mine is 700, or was when I arrived. Today it want up to 900 and my doctor said he will be able to start breathing again when it’s at 1500. I hope those guys start multiplying like crazy!

While my sweet little WBC’s went on vacation, they left the door wide open and a couple of infections decided to come in, make themselves at home and throw a party for their less-than-sweet friends. That’s what’s been going on in my world for the past week or two! Oh, there’s this cough that I haven’t been able to knock that turns out to be the beginnings of pnuemonia. Not really bad yet, but needs to be treated nonetheless. Apparently the antibiotic he wants to use for this has sulfa in it, which I’m allergic to, and there aren’t really any other good options. So pray for the Lord to intervene in a non-medicinal way to heal that issue all on His own!


  1. Get well soon, Julie!! I love the way you write things. You make me smile even in the midst of difficult times. I hope things get better for you from here on out.

  2. We are praying for you. We love you!

  3. Hey Julie! I'm so happy to hear that your fever is gone and that things are under control. Sad you're in the hospital and dealing with all that. How was your trip to Oklahoma and Dallas?


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