Monday, October 21, 2013

Moving, Geckos and Frogs

Well, we made it! We moved back to Nicaragua one week ago today. We got keys to our new place the next morning and spent much of the last week moving in. This was our 6th move in 6 1/2 years of marriage. Somehow we always manage to forget exactly how much work moving can be. But we are reminded (on average) every year.

Two moves ago, we moved from our shared apartment with Chase’s brother’s family to an apartment we shared with his sister. We discovered not long after moving in that we shared our bedroom/bathroom with an unfortunate gecko whose life came to an end when a previous tenant smushed him in the doorway. Since there are probably at least one million tasks to do when moving to a new place, cleaning the poor gecko out of the door frame just was not priority #1. Thus, he remained…for 6 months. To see a video of us eventually removing said gecko, visit this blog post.


Fast forward two or three years to our sixth move and this time we will be sharing our place with a mummified frog who had the misfortune of getting stuck between the window and screen. Chase found him shortly after we moved in. The act of opening the window makes the crusty frog flip over, which startled Chase, so he left him there for me to find also. I discovered him this morning, but since he is in our “office” and we don’t have a desk yet, we won’t be spending much time in there.

Plus, there are once again one million tasks to accomplish and disposing of Kermit with dignity will have to wait…perhaps for six months. I can’t help but wonder though – how did a frog get between the window and screen (upstairs!) in a way where he couldn’t get out? Did someone see him go in there and shut him in, letting him die slowly in confinement in full view of food?

I wonder what we’ll find in our next place—an embalmed  iguana?

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  1. This post is much better enjoyed when one is not eating breakfast, according to my just-completed study. ; )


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