Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving! Also, gnats.

imageWe spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his family along with some mutual friends of ours at a guest house on Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is about 40 miles wide and 100 miles long. In other words, it looks and feels like a fresh-water ocean. It's so big that there are actually towns built on two conjoined volcanoes in the middle. It currently connects to the Atlantic via the San Juan River, and there are plans to connect it to the Pacific as well to give Nicaragua its own canal.

DSCN0737-DSCN0739In any case, Thanksgiving was awesome: time with family, time to read, streaming football (the real kind) online, and of course all the traditional American Thanksgiving food, which can be hard to find and/or expensive. We deemed it worth it and all pitched in. Yes, things were going great until the property went all Exodus 8:17 on us. That is to say, "all the dust of earth became gnats." We're talking literally millions of gnats if not billions of gnats raging in a massive gnatstorm. We watched as they piled up between the screen and window and swirled and swarmed outside. If you watch the video below, you'll wonder how the Egyptians could handle it without screens and glass windows.

In the car on the way home today, I figured out that they were biting gnats. We had about 500 stowed away with us on the 2-hour drive home that no amount of opening the windows and waving wildly would alleviate.

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