Thursday, May 26, 2011

What brings me joy…

- Thursday Russell dinners (plus Paul). We recognize that it’s not common to have family with you on the mission field and we know it’s probably not forever, so we are enjoying taking advantage of it now.

- Halle’s limeades. On Wednesday nights, I get to be a part of a Bible study with a few amazing girls (which also brings me joy), but I greatly anticipate the icy cold, fresh (as in, made from limes grown on trees in his yard), delicious limeades that Halle makes for us each week. Though nothing could replace Sonic’s strawberry limeade in my heart, this probably comes as close as you could get.

- Watching House. Chase and I have been watching a couple seasons of this TV show and although I’ve never been one to be interested in medical TV shows in the past, I’ve found it quite entertaining in this season of life. Almost every episode brings me back to those first few days in the hospital in January when my team of doctors was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I realize it might be weird that I enjoy this, but hey, what can I say. And I have a strange satisfaction in recognizing many of the medical terms that are tossed around as they try to diagnose a patient.

- Our singing washer. We recently bought a washer from another missionary who left and it was been wonderful. We had been using Paul’s, but it’s nice to just walk out the back door and have our very own right there waiting for us. The best part is the song it sings at the end to let you know it’s done. It lasts for probably 15 seconds. Makes me laugh every time.

- Paul’s dryer. We’ve been hanging our clothes outside to dry for a couple months since Paul has been out of gas (most stoves and dryers are run on gas in Nicaragua), which was fine until recently. One of the disadvantages of rainy season is when your clothes get rained on every day and you can’t seem to get them dry. Currently, our load of darks is tumbling around in Paul’s dryer, the rain is falling peacefully outside cooling off our apartment, and my mind is resting easy knowing I don’t need to rush outside frantically pulling the clothes off the line.

- Beckett and Hatley. Not only do we get the advantage of living near family, we get to see our nephew and niece growing up. I know I may be biased, but they are two of the cutest kids I’ve ever met. We love having Beckett over to make coffee or play with his little nerf gun, and getting to hold sweet Hatley definitely helps meet my physical touch needs!

- The one and only, Chase Russell. He brings me the most joy of them all, but more on that tomorrow!

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