Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 3 at home

I slept last night from 10:30 until about 1:30 – nightmare free! But then the insomnia kicked in and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I laid there for an hour, then decided to get up (I read it can help if you get up, do something until you are sleepy, then try to go back to bed.) Well, I spent some time praying, reading, sending some e-mails. Never got tired – I was wide awake. Around 5:00am, I decided to try to sleep again, but nothing. I laid there for another hour or so until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I was starving at that point anyway. I haven’t really felt tired all day, but I did take a nap for a couple of hours this afternoon. It’s quite the predicament that lupus can be activated by lack of sleep, but the medicines I’m on to treat the lupus cause insomnia.

And the other predicament that I’m having is that I’m supposed to be walking to regain strength, but anytime I’m on my feet, my legs, knees, ankles and feet swell up like balloons. So I need to spend most of the day with my feet propped up to avoid my skin drying out/cracking from the water buildup. I did start a diuretic today, but I haven’t seen much difference yet. So these two things are a bit frustrating, but again, nothing compared to what I had/was feeling before I went to the hospital. Just challenges to work though, I guess.

Kristina, Linda, Beckett and Hatley came over today and I had a great time holding Hatley and playing with Beckett. Tonight we are going to go to Dave & Kristina’s for Russell Nachos – my one red meat experience for the week – and I’ve been avoiding dairy all day so I could enjoy the delicious cheese. Have you had Russell Nachos? They’re pretty amazing. You should be jealous.


  1. I am. Jealous :) Have so much fun tonight!

  2. Just wanted you to know I'm still praying! :) Hugs to you & your mama!


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