Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quick Hospital Update

Today brought with it both good and hard news. My creatinine levels went down from 11.2 to 10.4 due to steroids and God answering all of our prayers. That’s great news, but the doctor still wasn’t happy and wants it to be improving faster, SO they brought in a 3rd doctor, a nephrologist, or kidney specialist. He talked a lot about dialysis, so they are trying to prepare me for that for sure (but still just in case). If you don’t know what dialysis is (I didn’t), they would stick a tube in my neck and filter all the blood in my body through it, as my kidneys should be but are not doing. My kidneys are filtering water just fine and fluids that I intake, but they are not filtering out urea and other wastes. The nephrologist said that nothing could ever completely replace the kidney, but dialysis does a pretty good job. Also, today my lungs have swollen and my blood pressure has gone up and the doctors are concerned about these things as well. So for today, please pray:
  1. For my kidneys to improve faster so that I don’t have to do dialysis!
  2. For my blood pressure to go down. It’s at about 141/94 right now.
  3. For my lungs to go back down as well. My breathing has been labored all day and I miss breathing normally. 


  1. Precious Julie, You are constantly on my heart and in my prayers. I love you...

  2. My dear friend, Just finished laying you before our Father, the Great Physician! Julie, I pray that as you go through this whole medical stuff, that you will be a light to the nurses, doctors, and staff at the Metro. To God be the Glory!! I love you friend and am missing you and your beautiful smile!

  3. chase, julie

    just wanted you to know the awana kids at Woodcreek will be praying for you this week - the following mail was sent out by B.J. yesterday - jb

    Subject: Awana Prayer request.

    Chase and Julie Russell are the missionaries we are supporting in Nicaragua.
    Julie has gotten very sick and I was hoping that you would take a moment to pray for her and
    encourage your Sparkie to pray as well.

    Thank you.

    This is from Chase Russell

    An update:

    At this point the doctor .........

  4. My dear sister and brother,

    Alanna and I are continuing to lift you up before the Father. Our prayers are for healing, wisdom, peace and a continuing ministry in the midst of this ordeal. We pray that the Great Physician will place His hand on you while cradling you both in His arms and revealing His perfect will. Know you are loved and cherished.

    In His Grace,

  5. i am praying for you julie- praying for God's healing and praying for His overwhelming comfort and peace to surround you and chase.


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