Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 7 hospital update

The good news is that my creatinine levels continue to go down – today they are down to 6.2 from 7.2 yesterday. The bad news is that my doctor came in, pinched my cheeks, called me “gordita”, and then said “don’t worry, you’ll only be fat for 6 months.” (Ah, Nicaraguan culture.)

I did, however, get to go down the hall and meet my new niece, Hatley Michelle Russell, who was born last night! I even got to hold her, though the doctor said I had to wear a mask (which wasn’t comfortable at all – I apologize to everyone who has had to wear one to visit me!). Hatley is absolutely beautiful and I love her so much already! I didn’t want to leave, so my nurses had to come and get me to bring me back for blood pressure testing, more pills, etc.

Chase is coming to stay with me tonight and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it! I haven’t seen him much the last few days and I really miss him! Tonight will be the closest thing to date night we’ve had in…I can’t remember how long.

As far as how I’m feeling physically, I’m actually doing well. I asked my doctor some questions about my body today and he said “You don’t worry about your body, that’s my job right now, I’ve got it all under control, you just need to be calm.” I’m not really in any pain, I just shake all the time from all the meds. It’s weird how I can feel so normal, and yet so many terrible things are going on inside my body. Mainly, I just miss normal life. I miss the kids at Niños de Vida. I miss my house. I miss my bed. My friends. My life. Can’t wait to get home. Hopefully only 5 more days here? Seems like forever away…

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  1. Jules, I don't know your doctors, but I love them. What a blessing to know that you're in the care of one so wise, yet so empathetic. The Father has you in what seems to be, the perfect place to help you get well. I am so happy that you and Chaser will have an evening together; the first of many more...I will continue to pray for healing, patience and peace. I did pray that you would skip the 6's, and with a 6.2, you almost did! I love you so much!


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