Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 8 hospital update

SAM_0863I have a goal! Yesterday, the doctor hinted that I might be able to go home as early as Saturday, but I knew that was too good to be true, so I didn’t let myself get my hopes up. The final call is the nephrologists and today, he said that he’d be comfortable with me going home when my creatinine level is a 3! Today it is down to 5.5 from 6.2, so it slowed down a little, but I’m just happy to have an end goal!

In other news, they took me off the saline solution yesterday, and today they took out the i.v. entirely! They’ll be continuing the rest of my care and treatment through pills (and a lot of them!) They have me on 3 medications to lower the blood pressure, which seems to finally be working as of this morning, so I no longer have to have the armband or toe-pincher on! Freedom! And it’s nice! I also have the freedom to drink as much as I would like now, instead of the strict 2000 ml restriction I have had.

So here I am in room #313, trying to wait patiently for my kidneys to get with the program so I can walk myself out of here and into whatever this new life will look like. This new definition of abundant life, as a close friend of mine put it. I have no idea what lies ahead, but I’m thankful for a God who does know. And for the community He has given me, the body of Christ, to walk it with me. Thank you for reading, for praying, and for your words of encouragement. I am grateful.


  1. When they finally took out the IV after my labor I was ecstatic. The thing hurts constantly! I am so happy that you are OK--beyond OK--that your spirits are high, that your doctors are encouraged, that your body is healing. God's plan is so hard to understand sometimes. I'm praying as you look towards home and beyond that you feel His presence and love. Keep writing, I check every day!

  2. Freedom indeed! It's always the happiest day of my life when the IV is removed! Enjoy your liquid of choice, and continue to get well. I love you, sweet girl!


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